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Vic Delnore

Vic Delnore

Fort Myers, FL


Having been introduced to landscapes and seascapes by his artist mother, and with influence from his wife with a background in graphic arts, Vic Delnore has developed his own interpretations of landscapes, abstracts, and artistic scenes in graphite, pen and ink, water media, and charcoal.

His initial art training was in composition and perspective in The Hague, The Netherlands, followed by instruction in story illustration, pen-and-ink graphics at RPI, figure drawing and calligraphy at MIT/Harvard and ODU, and under nationally known instructors in watercolor and related media. He has exhibited in galleries on Florida, Cape Cod, the Outer Banks, and Hampton Roads since the sixties. Vic holds membership in the Lee County (Florida) Alliance for the Arts, and several artists' associations in Virginia.

Vic is a regular contributor of art to benefit relief organizations, local hospitals, and other causes.

His aim is to create works that share his lifelong association with the sea, the sky, intellectual pursuit, and distant lands.

Holding a PhD in geophysics, Vic recently retired from a career in the natural sciences. He was on the faculty of Rutgers University and was employed by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, NASA Langley Research Center, the U S Coast & Geodetic Survey, NOAA, and the U S Naval Reserve (retiring in 2003 as a Captain), was a volunteer and exhibitor at the Riverview Gallery in Portsmouth. At present he is privileged to be a volunteer and exhibitor at the Arts for ACT (Abuse Counseling and Treatment) Gallery in Fort Myers.

Vic lives with his wife Candie in Fort Myers, Florida. They have five children and seven grandchildren. Vicís other interests include music, foreign languages, boating, and travel.


MV Charles Olsen and RV Gosnold by Vic Delnore


Whaler on Eel Pond by Vic Delnore


Water Street by Vic Delnore


US Coast Guard Cutter on Little Harbor by Vic Delnore


The Drawbridge as seen from PJs by Vic Delnore


The Belltower by Vic Delnore


The A-Frame Hangar behind the Drugstore by Vic Delnore


Training Ship Tabor Boy at Woods Hole Town Dock by Vic Delnore


Steamship Nobska by Vic Delnore


RV Chain Dry Lab by Vic Delnore


RV Chain and USCGSS Whiting by Vic Delnore


RV Chain and USCGSS Whiting by Vic Delnore


RV Chain by Vic Delnore


Old Lilly Lab at MBL by Vic Delnore


Nobska Point Light by Vic Delnore


From my Office Window by Vic Delnore


The Drawbridge by Vic Delnore


Falmouth National Bank at entrance to Woods Hole by Vic Delnore


Captain Kidd Club by Vic Delnore


MV Capn Bill IV by Vic Delnore


Atlantis II Fantail by Vic Delnore


RV Chain Bow by Vic Delnore


Back of the Boat Yard on Eel Pond by Vic Delnore


Atlantis II at Old Pier by Vic Delnore


Albatross IV at Fisheries Pier by Vic Delnore